SiN was developed by Ritual Entertainment using the Quake II engine and released in 1998.


Colonel John Blade runs an organisations called Hardcorps, which is dedicated to ridding the world of drug crime. Hardcorps has been investigating the doings of SinTek Industries, who amongst other things make drugs, notably the drug Vanity (an anti-ageing drug). However John Blade is suspicious as he has heard rumours that SinTek are conducting drug testing that is bizarre and probably illegal. SinTek industries CEO is one Elexis Sinclair who is beautiful and possibly not very nice (she is also scantily clad). John Blade needs to take a much closer look at her.


  • In the game the player is John Blade who must investigate the various SinTek establishments to find out what is going on. This proves to be a very dangerous task as there are many enemies trying to stop him.
  • As well as a comprehensive range of weapons and abilities Blade also has access to the advice and guidance of his tame hacker known as J.C. who is a voice in his ear throughout the missions.

Game StructureEdit

The Game is divided into a number of areas, which vary in size and mission complexity:

  • The Freeport City Bank
  • Abandoned Nuildings
  • Construction Site
  • Abandoned Subway
  • SinTEK Labotatories
  • SinTEK Warehouse
  • Biomech Factory
  • Misile Base - The Silo
  • Freeport Sewers
  • Freeport Dam
  • The Water Supply
  • SinTEK Oil Rig
  • Secret Docks
  • Geothermal Plant
  • Jungle Pass
  • Mountain Pass
  • Area 57
  • Biomass Reclamation
  • Xenomorphic Laboratory
  • Sinclaire Estate
  • Phoenix Complex

Weapons, Items and EnemiesEdit

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