Press tilde to display console



All ammo

give ammo

All items

give all

All weapons

give weapons

All Weapons/Items

impulse 9

Goto Map*

map name

Armour shard

give armor shard

Blue key

give blue key

Body armour

give armor

Combat armour

give combat armor

Enemies Can't See You


Fly Mode


gives 1 rune (do it 4 times for all)

impulse 11

Gives charge amount of entered 

give C {0-255}

Gives health amount of entered 

give H {0-255}

Gives nail amount of entered 

give N {0-255}

Gives rocket amount of entered 

give R {0-255}

Gives shell amount of entered 

give S {0-255}

Gives weapons  

give x

God Mode





give invulnerability

No Clipping 


Power cube

give power cube

Power shield

give power shield

quad damage mode

impulse 255 

Red key

give red key

Security pass

give security pass

Set skill

skill {0-3}


give slugs

Give Weapons* 1=Axe, 2=Shotgun, 3=Super Shotgun, 4=Nailgun, 5=Super Nailgun, 6=Grenade Launcher, 7=Rocket Launcher, 8=Thunderbolt)

Names for level select (e1m1 etc)

start - the introduction level  e1m1 - The Slipgate Complex
e1m2 - Castle of the Damned
e1m3 - The Necropolis
e1m4 - The Grisly Grotto
e1m5 - Gloom Keep
e1m6 - The Door to Chthon
e1m7 - The House of Chthon
e1m8 - Ziggurat Vertigo   e2m1 - The Installation
e2m2 - The Ogre Citadel
e2m3 - The Crypt of Decay
e2m4 - The Ebon Fortress

e2m5 - The Wizard's Manse
e2m6 - The Dismal Oubliette
e2m7 - The Underearth

e3m1 - Termination Central
e3m2 - The Vaults of Zin
e3m3 - The Tomb of Terror
e3m4 - Satan's Dark Delight
e3m5 - The Wind Tunnels
e3m6 - Chambers of Torment
e3m7 - The Haunted Halls (a hidden level)
e4m1 - The Sewage System
e4m2 - The Tower of Despair
e4m3 - The Elder God Shrine
e4m4 - The Palace of Hate
e4m5 - Hell's Atrium
e4m6 - The Pain Maze
e4m7 - Azure Agony
e4m8 - The Nameless City
end - Shub-Niggurath's Pit

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