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Marathon Trilogy Box Set is a compilation of the Marathon series, released in 1997 by Bungie Software for the Apple Macintosh computer line.


  • Two CD-ROMs containing the games and extras
  • Instruction manual
  • The Marathon Scrapbook (photos and stories about the games' development)
  • 3 stickers
  • Registration card
  • leaflet for the CD-ROM magazine Inside Mac Games
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Contents of the CD-ROMs[]

Disc I: Marathon Trilogy

  • Marathon
  • Marathon 2: Durandal
  • Marathon Infinity
  • Pathways Into Darkness (Bungie's earlier FPS/adventure)
  • Gnop! (Bungie's first game, a Pong clone)
  • Marathon early betas
  • Demos for all the games, as well as Abuse
  • Screenshots of then-upcoming strategy game Myth
  • Forge (level editor)
  • Forge video tutorials
  • Anvil (physics, shapes, and sounds editor)
  • Marathon wallpapers

Disc II: The Definitive Map Collection

  • Over a thousand maps
  • Archive of the online "Marathon Magazine"

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