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Marathon Infinity is an FPS by Bungie Software, released in October 1996 for the Apple Macintosh computer line. It is the third and final title in the Marathon series.


Everything went wrong, very very wrong. When the Trih Xeem device made the sun of the S'pht system go nova, it unleashed the W'rkncacnter, an eldritch abomination sealed inside it by the Jjaro many eons ago. The security officer must jump between alternative realities and different timelines to prevent this disaster from happening. As he is a pawn of Durandal or Tycho depending on the reality, his allies can become his enemies from one stage to the next.

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Infinity's campaign, "Blood Tides of Lh'owon", was co-developed by Double Aught - a team of former Bungie members who left to produce an original FPS titled Duality. However, they could not find a publisher, and so Duality was cancelled.


Marathon Infinity was originally released for the Macintosh only. It also included Forge and Anvil, the editors used to create the game. The series was re-released in 1997 as Marathon Trilogy Box Set.

After Bungie was acquired by Microsoft, they made the Marathon series open-source and freely distributable, which led to fan-made ports and technical improvements.

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