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Marathon 2: Durandal is an FPS by Bungie Software, released in November 1995 for the Apple Macintosh computer line. It is the second game in the Marathon series.


17 years after the events of the previous game. Artificial intelligence Durandal sends you and a team of former Tau Ceti colonists to the ruins of the S'pht home-world, Lh'owon. There you must find a legendary weapon that could prevent Earth's invasion by the Pfhor.

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Marathon 2 was originally released for the Macintosh, and the next year ported to Windows. It was subsequently released for the failed Apple/Bandai Pippin console as a 2-in-1 pack with the previous game, under the title Super Marathon. The series was re-released in 1997 as Marathon Trilogy Box Set.

After Bungie was acquired by Microsoft, they made the Marathon series open-source and freely distributable, which led to fan-made ports and technical improvements.

In 2007 Marathon 2 was ported by Freeverse Software for the Xbox 360 console, with improved graphics.

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