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Jumping Flash! is an FPS/platformer developed by Exact and Ultra, and published by Sony in 1995 for the PlayStation. It is perhaps the earliest first person shooter with fully polygonal graphics on a game console.


Mad scientist Baron Aloha uses giant machines to take massive chunks off of Crater Planet to turn them into private resorts. In response, the Universal City Hall sends the Robbit, a jet-propelled robot rabbit, to save Crater Planet from destruction.


Jumping Flash! follows the gameplay style of Exact's previous game, Geograph Seal, with a mix of shooting and platforming. Robbit can destroy enemies by either shoot or stomping them. He can also double-jump or even triple-jump, and when he does, the camera automatically pans down.


  • Jumping Flash! 2 (1996)
  • Robbit Mon Dieu (1999)
  • Pocket MuuMuu (1999)

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