Hexen II is the sequel to Hexen developed by Raven Software using the Quake engine in 1997.


The Enemy is Eidolon and his four generals who each rule in a different part of the world of Thyrion:

  • Famine, in the Medieval European themed land of Blackmarsh;
  • Death, in the Mezo-American themed land of Mazaera;
  • Pestilence, in the Ancient Egyptian themed land of Thysis;
  • War, in the Greco-Roman themed land of Septimus.

Each of the generals are guarded in their lands by countless minions.

Game PlayEdit

Hexen II is similar in concept to its predessesor:

  • There are four characters to choose from: an Assassin, a Crusader, a Necromancer and a Paladin each with different  attributes and experiences, skill sets, advantages and disadvantages and of course unique weapons.
  • The game has a hub based design with your character having to return to a central hub after completing tasks and gathering items in the surrounding levels.
  • However unlike Hexen the characters in the game gain experience which enhances their skills and gives them special abilities.
  • The game introduced rather more complex puzzles than previously.
  • There are numerous items and artefacts to store in a characters inventory for later use.
  • There are monsters and enemies that are appropriate to the style of the Hub.

Game StructureEdit

The game consists of three opening levels and five hubs:

  • Blackmarsh with three levels: Blackmarsh, The Mill and the Barbican.
  • The King's Court Hub with four levels: King's Court, Palace Entrance, Innner Courtyayd and Stables.
  • The Plaza of the Sun Hub with six levels: Plaza of the Sun, Square of the Steream,Court of 1000 Warriors, Palace of Columns, Bridge of Stars and Obelisk of the Moon.
  • The Temple of Horus Hub with five levels: Temple of Horus, Palace of  the Pharoah, Temple of Nefertum, Temple of Light and Pyramid of Qnubis.
  • The Hall of Heroes Hub with six levels: Hall of Heroes, Forum of Zeus, Gardens of Athena, Reflecting Pool,Baths of Demetrious and Temple of Mars.
  • The Cathedral Hub with four levels: Catherdral, Tower of the Dark Mage, The Underhalls, Eidolins Ordeal. 

The Portal of Praevus was an expansion pack that added 2 more Hubs with 30 new levels, two new monsters and a new character, the Demoness .


And FinallyEdit

Screenshots from the gorgeous JSHexen II Port

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