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== See also ==
== See also ==
*[[The Varginha Incident]]
*[[The Varginha Incident]]

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Angst was developed by ManMachine Games and was released in 1996 (1997 in US). It used the ACKNEX engine.

This is a pretty dreadful game, the graphics would have been OK for 1994, the monsters are poorly detailed sprites and the textures whilst ok often don't line up (this used to happen to me a lot when making Doom levels, but I wasn't selling a game). Very amateurish indeed.

there are a lot more of bad things about this game, for example the textures and sprites tend to glitch a lot and also the gameplay it's full of bugs like enemies shooting through walls or bugged weapons.

also, the graphics style itself looks thrown in the game in a random way, for example half of the enemies are cartoonish while the other half is 3D rendered, same thing for textures and objects around the world, even the weapons have graphics inconsistencies, half of the weaponry is 3D rendered, the other half is cartoony.

also the map design is one of the most amateurish that you can see in a game, it looks like some kind of bad Doom map made by a 12 year old kid.... or "Terry" wad.

on another note, the guys who made this game couldn't even made the music loop in every level, they just pasted some music into one long track to make it as long as the level, sometimes it even bugs and restarts, for example when you fall in the river of the first level.

the bottom line...this game is very bad! also the guys who made it were planning to make a quadrilogy for this game, there was a planned sequel called Wrath: Rahz's World, but the company was shut down in 1997.

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